Useful Websites

Aid For Friends
provides home-cooked dinners, visiting, and outreach services to needy shut-ins in the Philadelphia area.
Action Against Hunger
mission is to save lives by combating hunger, malnutrition, physical suffering and the associated distress that endanger the lives of children, women, and men in emergency situations of war, conflict, and natural disaster. Archdiocese of Philadelphia– – official website of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.
Bread for the World
lobbying organization seeking justice for the world’s hungry people.
Catholic Campaign For Human Development
anti-poverty, social justice program of the US Catholic Bishops. Catholic Relief Services- -official relief and development agency of the US Catholic community ( i.e. Operation Rice Bowl). Catholic Relief Services for Kids– – a site for students and teachers enabling them to find resources about experiencing life in other countries.
Children’s Defense Fund
organization that educates people about the needs of poor children in the US. Congressional Hunger – a bipartisan organization devoted to fighting hunger.
End Hunger Network
A nonprofit organization working with the entertainment community to encourage, stimu- late and support media projects, programs and events aimed at involving people in ending childhood hunger.
Feeding Minds, Fighting Hunger
International classroom for exploring the problems of hunger.
Institute for Research on Poverty
A center for research into the causes and consequences of poverty and social inequality in the US.
International Day of Peace
Provides an opportunity to create practical acts of peace on a shared day. National Black Catholic Congress – – news and information for Black Catholics.
NY Times Learning Network
A free service for students and teachers (grades 3-12). Nutritional Development Services–
Poverty USA
raises awareness about poverty and its causes in America.
Presbyterian Hunger Program’s “Is There Enough?”
children’s hunger kit for teaching children about hunger. Resources for Catholic Educators–
Save The Children
organization that helps the world’s children live safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives.
Second Harvest/Foodchain
The nation’s second largest domestic hunger relief organization.
Share Our Strength
One of the nation’s leading anti-hunger organizations.
Solve Poverty
provides an effective way to equip families to break out of poverty.
Souper Bowl Sunday
Utilizes Super Bowl Sunday to mobilize youth to fight hunger.
Walk Against Hunger
brings people together to raise funds for food cupboards and soup kitchens in the Philadel- phia area.
World Bank Poverty Net
provides resources for people working to understand and alleviate poverty. World Food Day – worldwide event designed to increase awareness, and action to alleviate hunger.