During an unprecedented time, Nutritional Development Services’ Community Food Program (CFP) continues to meet the food needs of thousands throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. Denise Hopkins, Community Food Program Administrator, and Don Devlin, CFP driver, remain steadfast in their devotion to filling food cupboards with nourishing staples for individuals in need.

Since mid-March, CFP has added seventeen new food cupboards to their list of recipients, increasing monthly food deliveries by over 5,000 pounds of food delivered. Thanks to the hard work of food pantry managers, more people than ever are receiving the food they need to stay healthy, during a time when good health and proper nutrition have never been more important.

For those that are interested in supporting the Community Food Program, CFP graciously accepts monetary donations on their website, or via virtual food drives (PB&J drive is underway until October 23!) Donate now!